Women that meet God’s approval (since you brought it up…)

Before you read that next article with the catchy headline about whether women can preach in church, or if we can sing “Reckless Love” without losing our credibility … can we talk for a moment?

There are people all around us suffering and living with the void of any victory in their lives, while a large number of #Christians on social media argue about their issues through the voice of a religious spirit. (For those of you not familiar with what that means, it’s not good. If you’re familiar with the the gospels in the Bible, think of the Pharisees arguing their religious legalities and laws with Jesus as he ministered with His Father’s heart.)

In light of #womenshistorymonth, it seems the roles of women in church is now the topic the enemy is using to divide and show ignorance among Christians who should be the light among the darkness we see in the media. So-called “Christian sites” are sparking those debates, and both men and women are naive enough to make fools of themselves, taking scriptures out of context to prove that women should be quiet in the church.

I’ve learned in just two minutes of reading these comments there are women that think a woman like me, that has taught a message in church, is intolerable. Not only because I should be quiet, but also since I should be giving birth to children instead (Well, I guess I messed up all that, despite helping to raise two stepchildren, LOL). Comments using scripture in a way that doesn’t go along with anything remotely near what Paul or Jesus were talking about (a true example of when we should actually remain quiet).

But that doesn’t mean you or I should let these negative views affect us. Never accept negative words spoken over you or who you are. Go to the Word and proclaim what God says about you. 

This morning, I received a devotional about “What kind of woman does God approve of?” which is written by a wonderful speaker and writer … But I’m so tired of the fact that we still need to discuss that question. Some women are failing in their talents and callings, and therefore resisting God’s will for their lives, all because they believe the lies of needing to be just like another woman in their church they admire … perhaps the one who appears to have it all together and does the traditional things that are considered feminine.

Dear women of God: God made you to be YOU, and you’re purposefully like no one else. If you have a quiet and sweet spirit, rock it. If you’re a little loud and sassy, be you! Follow the calling and gifts God has placed on your heart, even if someone doesn’t approve. It’s time we wake up and encourage both men and women to take a stand in unity, rather than give in to divisive schemes the enemy puts in front of us, especially through another article on “Should Women Preach In Church?” (My question is … Should we unfollow all the Christian resources who have yet to talk about what God’s children are DOING rather than what they should or shouldn’t do?)

Get in the Word. Study it to understand the context rather than wrongfully using it against others.

Talk to Jesus. Have a relationship with Him, and ask Him to show you through discernment and wisdom. His wisdom, love and grace is what sets us apart from the ugly in the world. It’s how we love everyone, regardless of their views. If you are spending your time bashing those in the church, you’re likely hiding any sign of Jesus in you. 

To those that really want women to be quiet, you may reconsider messing with the anointing God has placed on many women of faith. The first to proclaim Jesus is alive was a woman, and God has been appointing them to share the Gospel ever since.

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