Thank you for visiting my blog. Sharing my heart and ministry through words is something God has called me to do for a while now. As a writer and marketer, I write and work for a nonprofit ministry and have worked with some of the world’s top corporations and organizations. One of the main lessons I’ve learned in my years of communications is we help others by sharing our stories.

With degrees in both advertising and music, I knew early in life I was called to work in both business and art. So I am not only a full-time marketing director but also a part-time worship leader, singer and actor (who is still, after all these years, learning how to balance life, obviously!). But as time goes by, I realize and understand how all I do comes together to glorify God when I follow His will.

So what is the purpose of this website? God has called me to also share my heart for Him through written and spoken messages and teaching. I’ve naturally been a very private person when it comes to opening up, and it’s still not easy without Him. Which is why I believe my ongoing journey here is not only a calling to serve, but also to surrender. When we surrender and let God take control, growth happens. Lives change, and we can rejoice in the victory.

So I hope you follow me not as just another blogger, but a friend sitting on her sofa with a cup of coffee and ready for conversation. Share your thoughts. Share your prayer needs. No thought or prayer request is too small, or too big. God desires we gather in community, and together, we are stronger.

I am a musician’s wife, bonus mom (the cooler word for stepmom, in case you didn’t know) and Gigi (the word my family chose for a stepmom that became a grandmother in her 30s) living in Tennessee with three very furry and adventurous cats. I love the outdoors, antiques, traveling and my quiet time with God.

You can reach me at april@apriltimko.com and follow me on Instagram at apriltimko_blog.

I pray as you follow my blog that you listen to God’s wisdom, words and callings He has given all of us that will follow Him.

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